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Thread: ZASS takes for ever to scan

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    aitchw Guest

    Default ZASS takes for ever to scan

    Have recently installed ZASS on WinXp system and finding it unworkably slow when doing a system scan. The virus scan just took 3 hours to scan 70,000 files which is just too slow to put up with. Is this common to all ZASS installations or am I missing a trick somewhere.I have bought the 3 system license and am very reluctant to replace AVG and free Zone Alarm on the other 2 machines.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    2harts4ever Guest

    Default Re: ZASS takes for ever to scan

    Hi aitchw,

    I always schedule both my Anti-virus and Anti spyware scan to run at the same time early Sunday morning prior to going to Sunday services when I won't be using the computer.

    One thing that speeds up the scan is when you go to > Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware > Advanced Options > Scan Options > Set Scanning Priority > "Set it' to High (Faster Scans, Slower PC).

    Scanning with these settings both scans together only take about 41 minutes.

    That should speed up your scan time considerably.

    Hope this helps.



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    aitchw Guest

    Default Re: ZASS takes for ever to scan

    Thanks for that. Will adjust settings accordingly and see how it goes. Heads up much appreciated.

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    danmil Guest

    Default Re: ZASS takes for ever to scan

    I have a similar problem. I used to have AV and AS scans set for 4:30 Sunday morning, and they would be done when I got up. Now if I get up at noon the AV scan is still going, and the AS scan hasn't even started yet.

    I did at one point uncheck the "Skip if object is greater than 8MB" scan option, to do a more thorough scan, and the scan took a long time. It looks like when I re-enabled this option, it never went back to doing shorter scans.


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    takhart Guest

    Default Re: ZASS takes forever to scan

    Has anyone had this one?
    I use ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite w/ ForceField loaded. When I scan windows XP PRO
    /w IE7 (both virus & spyware, et. al.)
    the virus scan stops dead usually on file mslbui.dll (MS language bar user interface) in the c:\windows\system32\ folder.
    Once the scan stops the computer drops back to a snails pace.
    Windows will then freeze.
    When I clicking on
    links in any open
    window the thrid click causes the taskbar and quick launch bar both to freeze. My only recourse is to tap reset or power down my computer. Tech support has given many solutions, all of which fail to solve the problem. There is always a catch. The file the scan freezes on is not always mslbui.dll. It will change if I scan multiple files, the folder by itself or only the C:\ drive. If I right click and select to scan the file by itself the scan completes without errors. The spyware scan on its own completes properly. Time for Spy-scan avg. 40 sec. Disk is 400 GB with 49% full.
    Files scanned before freezing is in the vacinity or 3,009 to 4,200.

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