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Thread: A problem with a virus that uses 50% of my procesor

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    narcis Guest

    Default A problem with a virus that uses 50% of my procesor

    Hello! I have a problem that occured 2-3 days ago. Without even opening a window after i turn on my computer, the procesor is used at 40-50% of it' s capacity. I run several full scans; first time it found a trojan virus, i deleted it, after that all scans showed no virus, but the procesor it is still used at 40-50% . I had the same problem 6 weeks ago, but then i had another antivirus and when i installed the Zone Alarm product and run a scan, it found a remove control program, i deleted it and the computer worked propely. Now the antivirus (i have installed on my computer Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite) doesn't finds any remove control programs or viruses.
    Please tell me what can i do!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    narcis Guest

    Default Re: A problem with a virus that uses 50% of my procesor - Problem solved

    Hello! I solved the problem ; it actualy wasn't any virus that used 50% of the procesor, but a process which i closed from the Task Manager. I figured out which it was because it wasn't a system process and it used much of the processor (like other 2 processes) but very few of the memory. Hope this helps if someone else encounts the same problem. Bye!

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