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Thread: Problem with update

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    scopeon Guest

    Default Problem with update

    Hi.I installed Windows XP SP3 and now I can update the virus
    definition but I still receive Update definition error.I tried to uninstall ZA with the ZA_CLEAN.EXE utill and reinstalled - no help.
    The update finished successfuly , The virus definition is updated on the "Version information" screen but still receive the Update definition error.
    I have 7.0.473.000 version

    Please advice !!!Thanks

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    tayyem Guest

    Default Re: Problem with update

    i have the same problem started recently on three computers in the network. One computer had the problem few days before installing SP3, and the other two computers after installing SP3.
    Please help

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    judysga Guest

    Default Re: Problem with ZA antivirus updates

    I'm having the same problem where
    the ZA Antivirus has stopped updating itself. My product update service does not expire for 289 days and the Anti spyware is updating fine.
    I have looked at other threads and, based on info provided in one, have
    added the following to my ZA firewall but none of them seem to resolve the issue. I do not use a proxy server. I use a cable modem and my LAN settings are automatically detected.
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional w/SP2Product Name: ZoneAlarm Security Suite Version 7.0.470.000 for Windows XPDriver Version: 7.0.470.000Anti-virus Engine Version 3, DAT file version 915051681

    I would prefer not to have to uninstall ZA and reinstall unless absolutely necessary. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    tayyem Guest

    Default Re: Problem with ZA antivirus updates

    I have uninstalled ZA security and reinstalled clean install, but could not get the green indicator. update is done automatically, but the problem in the indicator did not end.

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    tayyem Guest

    Default Re: Problem with ZA antivirus updates

    I have uninstalled SP3 and got back the green indicators immediately, which means we have compatability issue with SP3. but i would like to add that the system is not stable and VSmon.exe uses 50% of the cpu time until it crash, but when renable manualyy it works fine until restarting the system again.

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