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Thread: scan now takes close to 3hrs to complete

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    stevesmith Guest

    Default scan now takes close to 3hrs to complete

    i have zone alarm security suite v 7.0.470.000
    the last virus scan/spyware scan took almost 3hrs to complete
    it usually takes 1hr and 10 mins
    any ideas why this has happened.
    any help would be appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: scan now takes close to 3hrs to complete

    Go to Anti-virus / Anti-spyware > Advanced Options > Scan Options.
    The first option (Skip ...) should be checked and
    set to
    8 MB.
    Enable extended database is checked by default.
    scanning priority" should be set to High. This will improve scanning speed but slow down other tasks needing the CPU. There is really no reason to do a full scan while you're working on the computer unless you suspect an infection occured. Most people schedule a scan to run during off hours.
    ZoneAlarm constantly updates its signatures and scanning engine so the scan times
    from one release to another may vary.

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    tonybuck Guest

    Default Re: scan now takes close to 3hrs to complete

    I just upgraded to 7.0.473.000 on someone else's machine.
    They run WinXPHome Edition, and previously had Win98.
    On their first scheduled virus scan,I saw the increase in time reported here and in other threads.
    Sitting andmonitoring another attempt, I found
    that .CAB (cabinet) files were taking a lotof time, multiple minutes for around 2 Mby each, to scan.
    I think I've now workedaround this by just deleting the Win98 cabinets, which could be recovered frombackup in the unlikely event they're needed in order to extract something.
    I hypothesize that the new version examines cabinet files more carefully thanthe old (possibly by extracting each component and examining it afterextraction?).
    This is good in a way, more thoroughness detects more threats,but bad in making a scan unacceptably (to this person and to me) long.
    I'm goingto be very cautious about trying 7.0.473.000 on my own machine.

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    tonybuck Guest

    Default Re: scan now takes close to 3hrs to complete

    Please see my response a few minutes ago in the thread "HI, I'm a new user andI have a couple of questions ...".
    The responder there before me confirmed that .CAB files are taken apart and havetheir components scanned, at considerable expense in time and resources.
    Readmy numbers there, which imply that this new thoroughness may lead to suchunacceptable slowness that all files named (whether or not they _are_ cabinets).CAB must be exempted from virus scanning.
    I see a problem and a risk here.Other people's comments?

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