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Thread: Slow startup of 7.0.473.000

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    tonybuck Guest

    Default Slow startup of 7.0.473.000

    Although I've successfully installed 7.0.473.000 on one Win98XP(SP3)machine, I'm having trouble on another (mine).
    It's a Sony VAIO with aPentium D dual processor, 2006 vintage, and the XP is Media CenterEdition as against Home Edition on the other machine.
    The problem is slow, to the point of freezing and needing a restart, starting,after other things have got going and ZA is trying to display the OverviewStatus tab.
    This means I can't use 473 on that machine, of course, sinceI can't get past startup to normal operation.
    The ZA manual, under"Resolving a slow start up", suggests that I may need to add the hostname of IP address of my network's Domain Controller to the TrustedZone.
    But I'm pretty much a network newbie, and have no idea what theDomain Controller is.
    Are they talking about my network hub, or theMicrosoft Browser, or what?
    And are there other network issues Imight need to resolve, or other components I need to trust?
    Thanks for any responses.

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    compudoc Guest

    Default Re: Slow startup of 7.0.473.000

    Tony - if you have a router, you should add the IP address of your router to the Trusted Zone.
    I am expereincing a similar issue with 473.
    The only thing I can think of is some type of "memory leak".
    ZA seems to "run away" with my CPU and then hangs.
    It takes me about 5 minutes to kill the process.
    This seems to have started with this 473 build.
    If anyone else is experiencing the same issue, please let us know.

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    tonybuck Guest

    Default Re: Slow startup of 7.0.473.000

    The users' friend, "Oldsod", is helping me in another thread.
    Believeme, though, I've added all the useful IP addresses I could think of.No joy, something else is happening.

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