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Thread: Antivirus Updates for ZASS 6.5--have they been stopped?

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    amethyst Guest

    Default Re: Antivirus Updates for ZASS 6.5--have they been stopped?

    LOL! Too late for me, I uninstalled the thing on May 26th. I'm using a different AV now and a different antispyware product as well. The uninstall went smoothly and so did the install of the other products, but I was super careful with both. Actually on the 26th, I had tried an AV update with ZASS first. It appeared to download something, and then it hung up for a long time on the 'install' part before popping up an error message that the install had failed. The AV signature number was changed, yet my user interface was still saying the definitions were out of date. At that point I decided I was sick of the speculation and the worrying, so I carefully ran through the uninstall procedure and installed something else. I would like to have kept the firewall and the antispyware, as I still have about 10 months left on my license. However, I wasn't sure any new antivirus would get along with ZASS even if I had the AV shut off, so I just got rid of the whole works. Computer is clean, although my other product found a lot of tracking cookies that ZASS had missed. So I guess I'm finished. I've been checking here from time to time to see how TechnoWeary is doing with his uninstall...hopefully that gets straightened out.

    I had no problem deleting stuff at all and I actually didn't find a lot of the files on the list, but then I had deleted entire folders before I got to the list of individual files, so maybe a lot of them were in those folders. I deleted the registry keys manually. Everything is running smoothly. :-)


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    technoweary Guest

    Default Re: Antivirus Updates for ZASS 6.5--have they been stopped?

    I got rid of my ZA
    I began uninstalling on Saturday and they began the updates again on
    Tuesday. lol.
    It is ok, I guess.
    Had a rough attempt at uninstalling because I could not delete two files (maybe it is the media center
    conflict thing I heard about.)
    I finally just wiped the computer to return everything to it's original configuration and am now just ending the reinstalling-everything process again (IE7, XP3...Gads !)

    Uninstalled the Norton virus/firewall that came with the computer thanks to a link that
    GeorgeV in another thread sent me.
    Worked like a charm ! Both times
    (*sigh* long story,)
    I am actually glad that all this happened.
    I probably never would have gone through this horrendous process otherwise.
    I am glad the uninstall worked so well for other people.
    For me, though, by the time I reached the point of wiping the computer I was at the point of not knowing which end was up.
    Thank you to everybody who helped me.

    ZA is off my computer now
    and as far as I am concerned it was all
    worth it.

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