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Thread: Is ZA Security Suite compatible SUPERAntiSpyware / A-squared Anti-Malware subscriptions ?

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    Default Is ZA Security Suite compatible SUPERAntiSpyware / A-squared Anti-Malware subscriptions ?

    Oldsod had me pre-clearing with SUPERAntiSpyware and A-squared free scanner/removers -- and they caught some things that Spyware Doctor missed.
    I find that ZA Security Suite doesn't catch a lot of commercial spyware (concentrating on the real baddies instead).
    So, can I install the paid version of one of these other software, or would they conflict with ZA Security Suite, please?
    I appreciate protection from bad-guy malware more than that for
    commercial trackers -- I am happy for the trade-off especially
    as I visit international sites and still remember my George Orwell (1984).
    Still, it would be better to have more commercial protection, maybe.


    I am also by trying ForceField and plan to buy the registered versions of both
    Security Suite & ForceField, when the trials end next week.
    uninstall both, each separately (as selected separately when choosing the Trials),
    and then
    select the package price at ZA store, which saves $10 or so; or, will ZA divine my intentions when I seek to register one of them and ask me if I want them both for a [lower]
    package price?

    If necessary to uninstall both, separately, and then purchase them as a package -- will I face any True-Vector "hassles" that used to act
    difficult sometimes, when one fiddled around
    ... Is it necessary manually to "clean install" by deleting anything from ZA permanent folder in C: / Programs -- as I recall, some arcane steps (for an inexpert player)
    may have been
    necessary to clear-out everything prior to re-installing some ZA products.

    With Vista, formerly "Administrative Status" was unavailable for deleting lots of kinds of files -- but recently it seems that it's
    possible easily to go from the Control Panel into User Accounts
    and ''uncheck''
    'Turn User Control On or Off' (UAC)
    box, reboot, and then sail on through with changes (program file deletions)
    that Vista used to prohibit (even
    using Administrative Status).
    Thank you, Mssrs Zone Alarm pals,
    Brooks of Oregon

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Is ZA Security Suite compatible SUPERAntiSpyware / A-squared Anti-Malware subscriptions ?

    Hi BABatson:In response to your questions:1) I would run those programs on demand rather than in realtime if you are going to purchase the Suite.2)There is no need to uninstall the TRIAL versions,just enter your purchased license key(s) and the trials will convert to subscription based.NNardZoneAlarm Security Suite
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