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Thread: Nero 8 Identified as Virus

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    jerseydevil Guest

    Default Nero 8 Identified as Virus

    Hi all
    Running ZA Security Suite 7.0.473 on an XP home box. ZA is identifying the install and update files for Nero 8 as the "Not A Virus"
    ----Virus. I see reference to an issue with this re. Nero 7. Has anyone else seen this in Nero 8?
    If I scan
    ZA doesn't see any problems there.
    Although it reports nothing found on the right side under status it says that this item is active and may pose a threat. But, no item is listed.
    Is my ZA toying with my mind or is there something going on here?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Nero 8 Identified as Virus

    and what was exactly the not-a-virus identified?
    And which file(s) is identified as no-a-virus?

    Upload the file to and double check what around 30 antimalware engine will say about it.

    Probably its a false positive.
    Or probably related to NERO photoshop? (not-a-virus:AdTool.Win32.MyWebSearch)


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    jerseydevil Guest

    Default Re: Nero 8 Identified as Virus

    Thanks much
    I was not aware of Virustotal. Very nice. In the past I have run a series of online virus scans on other suspicious items. This one I strongly suspect is a false alarm but intend to check it out anyway.
    The files identified were actually the Trial (later paid for and
    registered) and the update. The installed program was not identified as a threat. I tried the latest update Update and a scan yielded the same result.
    Prior to that I had also tried a backup Ghost copy of the original files. Backup copies from a week or two ago give the same answers.
    I'll post my progress on this probably
    a little later today.
    Thanks again

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