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Thread: Virus scanning too fast

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    areader Guest

    Default Virus scanning too fast

    I've been a paid subscriber to Zone Alarm anti-virus for about 3 years.I've had this problem for about 2 weeks now, and I received technical support through e-mail but nothing they told me to do helped in fixing this.
    The problem is that when I initiate a virus scan, it runs for less than a second, then instantly shows scan results - I'm sure it didn't scan anything though.
    It does the same thing on the weekly scheduled scan time too.
    Also if I try to do a simple scan on C: drive by right clicking its icon in My Computer it does the exact same thing - instantly done - 0 active items.
    I also downloaded the test virus eicar to desktop, and I received absolutely no warnings, I guess the on-access scanning doesn't function either? I was a little apprehensive to run it, but I did as well just to see if I would get any sort of response from zone alarm to block it - but nothing happened to stop it from running.
    Then I tried right-clicking on a single file and choosing Scan with Zone Alarm...
    Well that showed me the familiar virus scanning window, with the moving blue bar, however the Files scanned: remained at 0 (zero) and I left it running overnight, even for over 17 hours it was still going, with 0 files scanned (unbelievable) I had enough and rebooted.
    I've done the clean uninstall (24 step process) a few times and reinstall - but it just doesn't change a thing, so I'm very frustrated with this - please help.
    As of now I don't feel protected from any viruses.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    areader Guest

    Default Re: Virus scanning too fast

    Well? Any suggestions on a fix for this issue?

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    areader Guest

    Default Re: Virus scanning too fast

    I got the new update today 70 483 000, it fixed the internet connectivity, I thought maybe it will fix the other problem with my anti-virus not scanning.
    It is still the same condition, so I've given up on fixing this ZA Antivirus and uninstalled it.
    Now I only use the free Zone Alarm firewall, and Avira Antivir which is working out well for me.
    So, if anyone else gets the same problem I had, I feel sorry for you, as no one was able to help me fix mine.
    Good Luck

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