I have an AMD Dual Core PC with Windows XP Pro & Office Pro 2007 with an outlook add-on Called Spamaid that I have been using for several years quite successfully. I have been using Zone Alarm from the time when the only way it came was as free ware and have just upgraded my Zone Alarm pro to the security suite. I also have a laptop running the nefarious Vista and I have switched over to the SDcurity suite from Nortons version of Internet Security Suite and I won't comment on that comparison here in this forum

With the recent purchase of the Internet Security suite by Zone Alarm I was introduced to
Sonic Wall. The
Anti-Virus part took about 3 hours to scan a 350 gig hard drive the first time. I thought that was a little long? The Spam filter didn t seem to catch much when it was the only spam filter running. If I could copy the black list that Spamaid has created it would probably do better but that shouldn t be needed. I then decided to try both at the same time out of curiousity. Spamaid stopped 10 to 1.
Is there a Black list that is available that can be loaded into
the product as a starting point?
These are issues that effect what I believe is one of the best personal fire walls on the market in Zone Alarm but falls way short on spam filtering and the vote is still out on the anti virus.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite