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Thread: ScanningProcess.exe at 100% CPU

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    jenniferinsb Guest

    Default Re: ScanningProcess.exe at 100% CPU

    This is how I fixed the problem.
    1. Go to safe mode and uninstall ZA.2. Reboot as usual, then search your computer for ZA files left over. Delete them.3. Go to "Run" type in "regedit" look in software for any ZA entries and delete them.4. Go to System in Control Panel and open "Automatic Updates" and set it to Notify but not install updates.5. Go into Add/Remove Programs and select show all updates.
    Delete Microsoft updates that have been installed recently, mine were in the last 2 days.6. Go to

    and download the ZA version
    7.0.462.0007. When I installed it, after adding my email address it automatically signed me in with the correct product key.8.Go to ZA preference and set it to manual updates,(even though it will tell you it's a bad idea).9. Then set Internet Security Zone(Under Firewall-Main)
    to Medium.
    You should be good to go!!
    Make sure to check updates periodically and be careful not to let Microsoft updates get turned back to automatic or it will install the problematic updates again.

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    ozbluenose Guest

    Default Re: ScanningProcess.exe at 100% CPU

    Hello Jennifer.

    Thank you for your time and effort.

    I must admit to not searching the registry, as such, in my previous attempts. Rather I have followed instructions from other users to delete specific entries, some of which were not present anyway in my registry after I'd already used a registry cleaning program after uninstalling Zonealarm. I would probably only search for anything obviously Zonealarm anyway, as I wouldn't want to delete anything I wasn't sure about.

    While I acknowledge installing an older version, such as the 7.0.462 you recommend, together with avoiding the recent Microsoft updates that caused the conflict with Zonealarm, my understanding from other posts is that even the recently superceded version of Zonealarm will work with the most recent updates if the firewall settings are set to medium instead of high. I've already changed my Windows updates to notify only rather than blindly accepting automatic updates so I have a better chance of recognising their potential culpability for future problems. Thanks for the tip, though.

    I'll have another FINAL crack at it next weekend. I've spent too long on it already and last night downloaded and installed Norton Internet Security trial version for 15 days to keep me going.

    Best regards.

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    bilarc Guest

    Default Re: ScanningProcess.exe at 100% CPU

    Hi, my english isn't so good, so I'm sorry about any mistake...

    About the problem with ScanningProcess.exe at 100% CPU I tried the following with success:

    1) Uninstall ZoneAlarm Security Suite as describe on Guru Fax message;
    2) Uninstall MS updates (KB951748 and KB951978) from Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (with Show updates checked);
    3) Reinstall ZASS (7.0.483.000) and restart your computer
    4) After restart, double click on ZA icon on Task Bar, go to Overview > Preferences > General and uncheck "Load ZoneAlarm Security Suite at startup"
    5) Close the window, rigth click on ZA icon on Task Bar and choose Shutdown ZA Security Suite
    6) Rigth click on My Computer icon and choose Properties > Automatic Updates and click on "Offer updates again that I've previously hidden"
    7) Restart your computer and reinstall MS updates
    8) Restart your computer run ZASS manualy and look for ScanningProcess.exe on Task Manager (after few seconds the CPU usage will be normal)
    9) Place a sohtcut of ZA Secutrity Suite on Startup folder from All Programs
    10) Restart your computer again

    ZA will be loaded after other programs and ScanningProcess.exe won't hoggin CPU again.

    I hope that it solves your problem too.



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