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Thread: False Negative or Real Virus?

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    logikas Guest

    Default False Negative or Real Virus?

    I recently downloaded a trial version of AusLogics Visual Styler from Things seemed to be going on well for a few days until the recent ZA update. It now recognize a file named themehelper.dll as a Backdoor.win32.Hupigon.crsm. Is this for real, there's really a backdoor virus that comes with the installation file or is my ZA Anti-Virus reporting a "false negative"?

    I downloaded Visual Styler from:

    I tried to download a fresh copy from Auslogics website but upon scanning ZA detected the very same backdoor virus.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    logikas Guest

    Default Re: False Negative or Real Virus?

    After going through some older posts I came up to this VirusTotal website for scanning. And ah, true enough 11/33 different antivirus engine detected it as trojan. So I guess Auslogics Visual Styler really have a trojan within their installation file then.

    (Consider this thread as closed. Thank you.)

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    stephent Guest

    Default Re: False Negative or Real Virus?

    Thanks for the update!
    It may be the ticket for someone else real soon!

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