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    saffron Guest

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    Dearest Guru people, can you offer suggestions?I
    understand there has been alot going on here with their internet access issue. However, I posted this topic (link below), as well as contacting tech support at the same time, and am yet to get any ideas on what to do.I desperately need some advice, as I'm at the end of my 9 week tether of sorting out why I am unable to update the AV & AS.
    Since posting the above, I have done 2 more squeaky clean uninstalls , and 1 install (*7.0.483 now). At this point, I have not re-installed ZA, and have been without any protection for 4 days. I have literally been spending between 2-6 hours a night trying to work this out. Ive CCcleaned in safe mode again, repeatedly searched ALL the HKEYs, followed all the posts, reset 7-8 times, clean uninstalled-reinstalled total of 5 times now.
    I dont like to be the
    whinging emailer type, but I have invested a fair amount of $ for ZA suite, and easily 50 hours+ on this problem. I am currently researching different software products as I can't do this alone anymore. I have been waiting for support from ZA, and the forum before I buy a new product, so that if there is a solution to ZA, I wont have to waste anymore $, and also have to do another uninstall.
    I dont live in the US, and dont think I should have to pay
    huge $
    phone support.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    nec Guest

    Default Re: Unable to connect to"

    I tried the safemode and reset suggestion several times but didnt work either. I haven't been able to update for about a week now.

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    ihturbo Guest

    Default Re: Unable to connect to"

    I am having exactly the same problem.
    I sent the text below to Tech Support (20080713), with no response so far and attempted to resend today, unsuccessfully.
    My software definitions are getting unacceptably behind and Tech Support don't seem to want/be able
    to contact. At least an automated response to my intial submittal would be nice.
    I have a 3-user licence, have been using ZoneAlarm for years and am an Affiliate.
    I do not expect this level of Support (or lack thereof).
    Can SOMEONE please help.------------------------I receive the following error message for AV:-! [red] Anti-virus

    Error: Unable to connect
    I receive the following ewrror message for AS:-! [red] Anti-spyware

    couldn't connect to server ('')I can send a screenshot, but there is no facility available here. (It would be a lot better than having to type it all out, too.)As far as I know, I have only been having this issue since the problem with the Microsoft XP Security update problem.
    Uninstalling ZASS did nothing, even from a totally clean install (uninstalled the previous version) and using version 7.0.483.000.Please advise.------------------------

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Unable to connect to"

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    dhill Guest

    Default Re: Unable to connect to"

    (Win XP Pro SP3, ZA 7.0.483) I, too, am unable to get updates for the last 5 or so days. I get the same messages "Error: Unable to connect" and "couldn't connect to server (;')". I am also getting a ZA Security Alert that says: PROTECTED The firewall has blocked internet access to your computer (NetBIOS Session) from (TCP Port 2330)[TCP Flags: S].' This happens every time (but only when) I try to update ZA AV & Spyware. (I know this is a LAN address but it is not my address range; I am using 192.168.x.x on a wired network) Other computers (configured the same) work and update OK. Maybe this will help someone who is a little smarter than me figure this out. Thanks in advance.

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