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Thread: Can't get AntiVirus or Spyware Updates

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    morkus Guest

    Default Can't get AntiVirus or Spyware Updates

    I have the updated "483" release of ZAISS, but I can not get AntiVirus updates. The Spyware update times out too when I try to "Update now". This new release seems to have happened about the same time as the updates stopped working.

    I tried moving the Internet Zone to Medium, which had no effect either.

    All other Internet access is working normally (browser access OK, email access OK).

    The only thing that's currently *not* working is the ZAISS AntiVirus and AntiSpyware updates.

    It's now been two days since they've worked.

    Is this a known problem of some kind?


    Thanks in advance.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Can't get AntiVirus or Spyware Updates

    There have not been spyware updates for several days now, so don't worry.
    I don't know about virus.
    My guess at this point is that ZA is/was so busly providing changed versions due to the Microsoft updates, perhaps they've slacked off. Give'm few days. Also do check if you're at least close to data posted here
    andremember, spyware updates jump by 10 points on each update.

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    morkus Guest

    Default Re: Can't get AntiVirus or Spyware Updates

    Makes sense, thanks for your reply.

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    nec Guest

    Default Re: Can't get AntiVirus or Spyware Updates

    I've had same problem for almost 2 weeks now, others have had problem for longer. Wasted many hours trying fixes on forum....none worked so far. I've redownloaded, uninstalled and installed multiple times. Even started with my original disk from 2007, version 7.0.362 I think, and also 7.0.470 and currently 7.0.483. I'm getting ready to uninstall ZA, and download Cox Security Suite until I see a good fix on website or forum.

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