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Thread: Anti-Virus prevents game from starting up.

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    mazondel Guest

    Default Anti-Virus prevents game from starting up.

    Earlier today I was playing the video game HomeWorld 2, I got off and later tried to get back in. But the game would not load and every time I tried to turn the game on Zone Alarm would pop up saying that it quarantined in the file SIntfNT.dll which is located in the Local Settings\Temp folder. The game apparently creates that file every time it turns on, and for some reason, every time Zone Alarm thinks it is a virus and quarantines it. This problem is apparently an issue on several other games with several other anti-virus programs. I was unable to locate any issues with ZoneAlarm online so this is why I am posting here.
    If there is some way to prevent ZoneAlarm from doing anything to the specific file, could someone please tell me? (And I tried making it so ZA wouldn't scan that file, but that doesnt work).
    My computer's Operating system is Windows XP Pro, with service pack 2.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    mazondel Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus prevents game from starting up.

    I solved the problem. For future reference to all who see this. Go into the virus/spyware advanced options and disable the Automatic Treatment option (so it has to ask you on what to do) and then cause the issue to happen again. Select Ignore Always, and then put the Auto treatment back to whatever you want. It should be fixed now.

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