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    karentrout Guest


    Even though ZoneAlarm has been quarantining this virus (which is coming in twice a day for a week), I don't find it on the virus list (WHICH IS FROM MAY 08!),
    and my email has been corrupted and I have to take it in to be fixed.
    What isn't the anti virus working to protect?
    Thank you.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    yehudit Guest

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    Yes - ZA has found this Trojan-downloader in the last 2 weeks' scans. It finds it in my Thunderbird email. It quarantines the virus. Then when I compact my Inbox, all the email in my inbox DISAPPEARS! This time I tried restoring the virus, after I lost my Inbox contents; however, my email did not come back.

    If I restore the Trojan-downloader file before I empty the trash and compact the Inbox, will that work?? And what happens if I restore it? Will it do harm? Is there some way I can delete the MESSAGE that contains the virus without deleting the entire file? (At least the process doesn't delete the contents of any other email folders.)

    Is there ANY way to get rid of the virus without losing the entire contents of my Inbox? This is intolerable!


    By the way, I'm an average user - reasonably intelligent, not conversant with too many tech terms. I don't understand a lot of the posts I've read about Trojan-downloader. None of them seemed to apply to email until this one. If you reply, I'd appreciate non-technical language if possible. Thanks.

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