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    jack_anger Guest

    Default New Virus detected

    ZoneAlarm reported a new virus in an e-mail which it had quarantined. I could not open the inbox in Thunderbird so I closed the program and re-opened it - now the only e-mail it showed was the one with the virus - it had deleted ALL THE OTHER E-MAILS! What the **bleep** is this about? How do I retrieve my e-mails? I have history from family, friends and business which you have allowed to be deleted. How do I get it back?

    Despite your dropdowns I am using Zone0-Alarm Security Suite 7.0.483 with Windows XP SP2

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    karentrout Guest

    Default Re: New Virus detected

    Jack,Same problem!
    The virus hitting my computer is computer is now at the repair store we use as it also wiped out my inbox.
    I posted the same type of question last night and nothing.
    I'm not using the free version but the full blown paid internet suite.
    Hope we can get an answer soon at least in your case (I have to pay to get mine restored).

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    karentrout Guest

    Default Re: New Virus detected

    If this will help you, if you back up, you can restore your inbox.
    I was able to do that the first time the virus hit (it's been hitting twice a day for a week).
    You will lose your incoming mail unless you resend it to another email address or what I'm doing until I get my own computer back, is keeping the emails on our server.

    Don't do a system restore, that won't bring the email back, you have to restore the file where your emails are stored (depends on the software you use).
    Unfortunately, the virus hit again before I could back up again.

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    yehudit Guest

    Default Re: New Virus detected

    Having a similar problem. Lost the contents of my Thunderbird inbox twice - the second time, just now.

    ZA is not finding the Trojan-downloader virus in individual emails (probably a good thing). It does, however, find it in its weekly scans. It quarantines the file containing it, which apparently is the whole inbox file. I then can't open emails, and when I compact the inbox, everything is gone. This time, I tried restoring the virus after losing my email; however, it didn't help.

    My other Thunderbird folders are not affected. So I'm thinking I need to start copying my Inbox over to another folder periodically. I really hope someone can solve this problem SOON!

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    auditt Guest

    Default Re: New Virus detected

    >>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>They told me that Zone Alarm's antivirus database was sent incorrect information

    It seems that ZA people are doing quite a mess recently....
    Firts with XP and internet, few days ago with fake virus detection....
    And no Forcefield yet for Firefox 3...........

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    hendie Guest

    Default Re: New Virus detected

    same thing happened to me twice in the last week.
    I've just about had it with ZA now. this last year has seen their product go down the pan -rapidly

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