My year ended for my Zone Alarm AV this past weekend. I renewed, downloaded the newest version, and did an UPGRADE install...
Now - it is ALWAYS trying to update itself - only it never gets anything. I have to restart my computer to get it to stop. And, even though I have set the auto update to only try once every 24 hours... A few minuted after a total restart, the program searches on its own for an update, but it never finishes... (I can see the systray icon showing that it is attempting to get an update).
I tried this possible fix, but it didn't work:
Update files may be corrupted. Do the following:
1) Boot into Safe Mode

2) Go to C:\Windows\System32\ZoneLabs\Updates

3) Delete all files & folders

4) Boot into Normal Mode

5) Re-run Update

I am running WIndows Vista, and Zone Alarm version
Any ideas?

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus