NOTE to MODS: The below is not a flame and I have done a complete "clean" install and tried ALL procedures for clean installs/resets/manual removals etc. that are posted on this forum and ZoneAlarm tech support.

It appears that it is impossible to get the anti-virus updates to update at any other setting besides "hourly".

If you set it to "every 24 hours", it will still update at the maximum frequency of "hourly".

This might not be such a big problem, except that the "update" service that updates the virus scanner uses 100% of the CPU when it reaches the "installing updates" part of the procedure. This seems to be mostly during the "installing updates" part, and not during the downloading part, and not as much a problem for the anti-spyware install part.
ALTHOUGH... It still uses 100% CPU when *checking* for updates, even if there are no updates to get, and this "checking" part takes about 3 minutes! Other Anti-virus software (like AVG) I have used only take the 'blink of an eye' to check for updates. Note: This seems to be a problem that has always existed, not just in v8. I have always experienced it, even after a clean install of Windows XP.

It goes something like this:

--Checking for updates - briefly uses 100% (if no updates are available, this takes MUCH longer--perhaps because it still runs the "install" part of the procedure??)

--Downloading updates - uses about 25% CPU (this could use improvement and optimization, but is not too bad. Other programs --such as firefox-- that download files, don't use more than about 5%-10%, or even less)

--Installing anti-virus updates - uses 100% CPU and lasts several minutes (it's impossible to use other programs during this time and is VERY disruptive to working on your computer)

--Checking for anti-spyware updates - uses a very brief 100% CPU (not long enough to bother me)

--Downloading anti-spyware updates - uses approx 25% CPU (could use improvement and optimization)

--Installing anti-spyware updates - uses a brief burst or two of 100% CPU, but not long enough to be too bad.

Note: I have submitted this to tech support using the form.

ZAISS v8.0.020.000

XP Pro

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