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    I have ZA Antivirus installed, also Ad-aware and Spybot, but have not used them for ages.
    My bank contacted me yesterday to say that an attempt had been made to send money from my account to Roumania: they have closed the account temporarily and I will need a new password etc.Evidently I need to get more serious about security: I have bought ZA ForceField and am considering getting Spyware Doctor, but I read somewhere that I must completely uninstall one system of detection (ZA?) before attempting to use another (Spyware Doctor).
    Is this correct?

    Alternatively I could upgrade
    to ZA Internet Security Suite but read in a review that it is not very good at detecting malware already in place, and the keylogger is presumably still there!
    So my questions are:1

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    First, although your bank contacted you (presumeablely by telephone or registered mail and not by an email), did they happen to mention if the bank account and password was leaked by their own mistake in security or by yours?

    Your combination of the ZA AV and the ZAFF should be enough for security. The spywaredoctor is not needed.
    Immediately forget about the spywaredoctor as it will only do what you are using with the ZA AV with the ZAFF.

    for dedicated antikeyloggers.

    Usually the snoopfree is good, as I have used this in the past. It will see all hooks including the hooks made by the installed security programs such as from the ZA(s).

    Best regards.

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    alanrj Guest

    Default Re: Keylogger

    Thanks for your quick reply to my incomplete message (I hit the tab key in error).
    My bank phoned me, and they suggested that I
    might have
    a keylogger infection - I believe that ZA AntiVirus doesn't claim to stop keyloggers?
    I would like to get rid of any keylogger already on my PC so will certainly
    look at snoopfree since you say it can be good.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Most scanners detect some of the keyloggers, but not all.
    Some antispyware scanners fall into this category, but some will excel in keylogger detection and removal and some miss all keyloggers completely.
    The ideal of using the spywaredoctor may not be such a bad idea after all.

    Glad to hear you bank telephoned you immediately, because if it was an email from the "bank", it would be very suspicious and more than likely a phish of some kind.

    It could be a pure rogue keylogger OR it could be a rootkit that installed the keylogger.
    If just a simple keylogger (if that really exists) the doing some optional scans from other security programs may remove it and you windows maybe considered clean (90 percent chance).
    If it is a keylogger installed by a rootkit, even after removing the keylogger, then the rootkit will simple re-install another keylogger and still steal from you.
    The rootkit has to be removed - and this is not so easily done.

    Utlimate solution - wipe the harddrive using DBAN and reformat the drive and start fresh with a brand new installation of windows. Hard to accept, but it will give you 100 per cent confidence that the windows is absolutely clean.


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    Best regards.

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