Hi GuysI have ZAISS (V 7.0.483.000) and when I run my scans it looks at about 78,000 files.

My laptop has been a bit slow and I've been worried I've an infection because ZA found a virus when I was surfing and said it couldn't delete it (!) but changed its name and said it would delete that on start-up. On re-boot I ran both virus and spyware scans
and they came out negative on viruses but found about a dozen spyware.
I decided to run a Panda scan straight after and that examined around 300,000 files and found 39 infections (and said that my ZAISS is out of date and was disabled, although it is showing as running up to date!) I then ran Trend and that found 24 infections. I am really concerned that ZAISS is not doing the job I expect
it to do. I'm running my ZAISS Anti-spyware now on deep inspection but noticed my Anti-virus option is set to skip
files of 8mb or more. Is that correct or should it be higher? Are there any tips I could follow to put my mind at rest that ZAISS is doing what it ought to? Any advice would be very welcome.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite