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Thread: On-Access File Scan Very Slow

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    brockw Guest

    Default On-Access File Scan Very Slow

    I just installed ISS on a very fast XP Pro desktop.
    I had ZA Pro ISS 7.0.483 on this machine and had 0 problems.
    Now the on-access scanning process takes 3 minutes to open a 250 KB Excel workbook.
    Also takes a verrrry long time to access any other file type.
    I set my data files drive and and directories to be excluded from scanning, but this doesn't work either.
    These are the same problems I had with ISS 8.0.020.
    Zone Alarm is not the same as it was before Check Point bought ZoneLabs.
    I'm seriously thinking about going back to Norton Antivirus and Spy Sweeper.
    My ZA subscription expires in 2 months and I probably won't renew it.
    Does anyone have any suggestions to fix the slow access scan problem?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    faber Guest

    Default Re: On-Access File Scan Very Slow

    I am having the same issues. With on-access scanning turned on my laptop has slowed waaaaay down and is almost unusable. Turn on-access scanning off and everything is fine. I have read a kb article about this at!PAGETYPE?sf=101133&sn=2&docu mentid=348891&action=view

    I find it a bit funny that they say to turn off on-access scanning until a fix but in one forum post I see it says that turning off on-access scanning is like not having anti-virus at all. I bought ZA as a Protection Suite not just a firewall. Also from this article I see it was for a older 8.x version then what I have but it still seems to be a problem so I can only assume at this point that ZoneAlarm has a serious problem with their anti-virus.

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    viperrt Guest

    Default Re: On-Access File Scan Very Slow

    I have the same problem...and I am getting tired of having to turn off on-accesss scanning to just copy, move and even select files.
    Compressed files seem the worst.I am using Vista which transfers files slowly all by itself, it does not need any help from any other software. Zone Alarm version waiting for a fix since version with on access came out.

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    tnunan Guest

    Default Re: On-Access File Scan Very Slow

    I have the same problem with my daughters laptop, with it turned on opening a jpg in Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit it take about 30 mins, with it turned off about 30 secs. I have also noticed similar slow acces problems whilst installing programs and opening other files, but not so obvious a difference.
    ZA really need to get to the bottom of this quickly .

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    truenewf Guest

    Default Re: On-Access File Scan Very Slow

    I have the same problem, with serious degradation in performance when I use on Access Scanningand have resorted to turning it off. i 'm now concerning, as a post elsewhere in the form states that turning On Access Scanning Off, effective renders Anti-Virus useless. I beginning to think I made a mistake in Choosing this product.
    I previously used Zone Alarm Pro with no problems, but as I was having difficulty with AVG, decided to go with Zone Alarm Anti-Virus, seems like it was an unwise decision.
    Also in Zone Alarm Pro , I had my home Network and DNS Servers in the Trusted Zone, when I installed Zone Alarm Antivirus, it initially did the same thing. Kowever I subsequently notice that the references to DNS had disappeared from my Trusted Zone, and thus far have been unanle to find a way to restore them. Is this Possible? and if so how do I go about it.

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