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Thread: Anti-Spyware and Global Update failure

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    Default Anti-Spyware and Global Update failure

    Does your Anti-Virus updates but not the Anti-Spyware? Hop in.
    I smartly type here ZoneAlarm Pro AntiSpyware, ZA Anti-Spyware,, so that it appears on google.

    I've had the problem about a month. I've tried the some methods, including deleting host files, reinstalling the ZA pro, clearing the Update folder and in the system folder. All in vain. My OS is Windows XP Pro SP3. My Zone alarm version was 8.some string of zeros and other digits. Yesterday, my subscription service expired so I looked for another internet security suite. For some reason, yay, I did not buy the Kaspersky 2009 but instead downloaded the 30-days trial one.

    Now, after some struggles and naive tricks, its update engine corrupted after exceeding the 100% progress (it did not give me the percentage number but my calculations is about %350). It has a rollback feature and it looked like it had updated on the second try. On the 3rd and consecutive attempts, the program gives network connection error and is unable to update.

    Its anti-virus tool is, ummm, I don't know. It completed 99% of the scan in 2:45 minutes and couldn't complete the last percent after 75 minutes. I deleted a couple of trojans and went to sleep. The next day, today, the update problem still prevails.

    The following link ";p=10299" is about some code (virus, malware, trojan, hatchbacksnackster). It doesn't only inhibit some security tools' updates, but also the Windows Update.

    The following experiment is a simple one performed also on an another XP SP3 next to my room. You go to and click to Microsoft update It hits the My two browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox are fishing shielded (to the best of my knowledge and sincerity). The bad news is: also the other pc yields the same result (with a 100% of probability.)

    A little end-note: my pc's dvd reader died so I cannot consider a clean windows reinstallation.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Anti-Spyware and Global Update failure

    Hi!the only feasible solution for you is to fix the DVD and completely refresh windows XP.Once installed windows, activate windows firewall and update your system up to latest MS patch including Service Packs.Next install the latest ZASS you find at default settings, do not alter them and not restore any previous settings.Update manually the AV/AS (update now), let ZA to check the system.You are now ready to installthe rest of the software on your system.If the source of the install isnot original CD/DVD always check for malware (right click of the mouse on the file/folder--> Scan with ZA antivirus)Cheers,Fax

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    Default Re: Anti-Spyware and Global Update failure

    The problem is identified. Quite a miracle. Resolved? Not yet.
    I'm at my grandmom's house, able to connect to the microsoft update site.
    A post on the microsoft website is a peculiar case. A victim had the same
    microsoft update problem and was unable to resolve after trying several reinstallation of the OS. That post didn't ring my bells when I red it. He believed that the program antimalware bytes finally cleared the rootkit, dsn redirector trojans. It cost him three days but the end (his end)
    was happy.
    Mine wasn't. That and some other programs were still unhelpful. Finally, I saw a post on a forum. He had very similar problems (but not with a 100% probability as I do)
    and he suspected that router (the wireless modem?) had been changed. I did some reset on the wireless modem (router?) but I'm unable to connect to internet
    at the moment
    because I
    won't be able to obtain
    username and password from my ISP until the next week. Pity .
    I was able to put wirelless encryption key into my modem somehow, though. Odd.
    My modem
    has been quietly sitting on my desk just
    with a single knob to turn on and off for
    four years.
    Now, I wonder how those hackers hacked my modem (a virus installed into the firmware?). My
    is that if this machine weren't a Windowssized PC with whatever security tools but an iMAC powered apple, would they still be able to hijack my modem? I'm confused whether if my modem requires a firewall or I should change my ISP or modem or both/all.

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    Default Re: Anti-Spyware and Global Update failure


    simply modify the default password of the router, set a random password of more than 8 characters, this will make modification more difficult. Also change the address of the router to a non conventional one like, for example,
    Check also for firmware upgrades on the router producer website.

    Finally update flash player to latest version 10 (flash can be used to hack your router)

    See your router manual to perform these adjustments.


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