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Thread: Hello, I have posted only once before but now I have this...

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Do You Want to install Antivirus 2009

    <blockquote><hr>SalA wrote:
    OK, I finally got a copy of the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from the site in Australia as all of the others were supposely corrupted.
    Ran the scan a found 30 more infected files and other items.
    I'm still checking her out but its reunning very very fast so far..
    I still don't know what happen to the two trojans that were in quiartine in the spyware section but it seems that the logs were wiped clean.

    On Malwarebytes antimalware (MBAM) forum there has been discussion of this &quot;file corruption&quot;
    happening because the infections stop the antimalware software from running. So
    you were very lucky to finally be able to download and run MBAM
    without having to rename the file to get it to execute and fool the infections.

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    sala Guest

    Default Re: Do You Want to install Antivirus 2009

    You know, that is was I was thinking because it was a heck of a coincidence that they would all be bad. Luck was with me. It is a very good program that worked well. Ir caught 30 more infections in my PC.
    As for the 2 missing infections that I did not delete. Apparently they were set loose again or something because I ran another deep ZA Spyware scan this morning and it caught them again. They have been deleted..
    Does that make sense???
    The PC seems to be running really nice and very fast now but I will keep on eye on it for a bit longer..
    Thank You Very Much for you Help Sir!!!


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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Do You Want to install Antivirus 2009

    You're welcome

    Malwarebytes antimalware has a good reputation
    and is an excellent tool to keep around as an on-demand scanner, just keep it updated and run it periodically to keep your computer clean.
    I use it and run it regularly, as well as Superantispyware and some others.
    The main thing is to stay on top of this stuff and don't let the computer get overtaken; I use the on-demand scanners to ensure there 's no malware on any of the computers.
    And if you do catch something just remember about clearing the system restore and set a clean restore point after you've cleaned the computer.

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    sala Guest

    Default Re: Do You Want to install Antivirus 2009

    Very Good advice and I am making a note of it.
    Good thing that you reminded me of the restore point and about clearing the system restore. Just made a clean restore point a minute ago.
    Thanks! Again!

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