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Thread: I want to use only the AV service, not the firewall ...

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    johnespence Guest

    Default I want to use only the AV service, not the firewall ...

    I'm running Vista.
    I bought ZoneAlarm AV.
    I do not want to use the ZoneAlarm firewall - I want to use only the Windows firewall.
    Is it possible to not install the firewall component?
    I have set the firewall to "off" in the management dialog, but it still appear to be on as I watch the red and green indicator bars show traffic.
    How do I turn the firewall completely off, at the least, if not un-install that component?

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: I want to use only the AV service, not the firewall ...

    johnespence, interesting propostions: :0<hr>ZoneAlarm Anti-virus only comes installed with ZA firewall + anti-virus (provided by Kaspersky av). If you truely want to install the anti-virus alone- you could have installed Kaspersky anti-virus direct from them.<hr>I'm assuming you shut-off/ lower to off'
    the Internet Zone Security, Trusted Zone Security, uncheck all the options in &quot;Advanced&quot;, lower Program Control - to Off, SmartDefense Advisor - off, shut-off 'all' options for Alerts &amp; Logs, etc. And even with all the options off, the ZA firewall files are still there to 'show traffic'.<hr>If your primary need is to use 'only the Vista firewall' - I would advise an un-install of ZA...
    Un-install ZoneAlarm - click here &gt;<hr>You can go direct to Kaspersky website/ or retail
    to purchase (remember to only get the stand-alone anti-virus, not suite) or you can get other anti-virus.<hr><hr>:0 Most pc security theories -
    recommend for the installation of a third party firewall instead of using the windows firewall - click here &gt;
    . There is the ability to configure the default windows firewall with advanced configurations; but is not often advised by many in the 'security fields.'<hr>Question: may I ask as to what your views are and your propositions? The reasoning.

    I have read some articles where they say - no need for anti-spyware, another article - no need for anti-virus or third-party firewalls - the 'family' only surfs in &quot;trusted&quot; areas of the net. They claim pc speed and efficiency is high -due to the absent of any security software. Some people feel if they have a router with 'hard firewall' there is no need for a soft firewall.
    H-mm. Anyways,
    would you care to share your thoughts on the matter.

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