I am a new single computer client and cannot get the anti-virus to update. The Anti-spyware updates fine.

Failure occurs fairly early in the process. and I get the text Anti-Virus. The task encountered an error.

Prior to this I was using Norton AV & Black Ice FW.

Windows XP Svc Pk 3

ZA Security Suite
AV DAT version is 915051681

What I have tried thus far:
1. Went into Safe mode and deleted the def files in case they were corrupted. Tried to reload and still failed.
2. Updated servers to explicitly allow avu.zonelabs.com, upd.zonelabs.com and kav.zonelabs.com
3. Did a clean removal of ZA SS and reinstalled - also again explicitely allowed the above servers
4. Used a separate anti-virus software from DrWeb to scan machine. Appeared to be clean.
5. Run a registry scan and found only minor issues that should not impact this.
6. I am now downloading MBAM to scan the machine

I am getting tired of this. New software being downloaded on a slower wireless card. Live in the country - it's the best I can get. Guess I expected more from the product on first run than this.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite