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Thread: Anti-Virus Update Failed - The task encountered an error.

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    rfaux Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus Update Failed - still trying, still failing

    I have never been able to update the antivirus.

    As far as I know, I have removed every security package that was on this machine. No PCTools items on it.

    It is a Dell machine - anything they put on there that I might immediately know about or think of?

    Otherwise, all that I am aware of being on the machine were Norton, Black Ice and Windows Firewall. Other tools were on demand only (No Adaware, DrWeb, MBAM, etc)

    In any event, you are reading it as software blocking access to the necessary file on my machine - correct?

    Suggestions on how I can ascertain what all might be trying to limit access to files on my machine without taking all day to do?


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    Default Re: Anti-Virus Update Failed - still trying, still failing

    Hi!if you were not able to update since installing then is normal that the system cannot find your configuration file. It was never created.Ok, you have then a combination of connection dropping and failed recognition of files.Are you on a dial-up with limited bandswitch? Or on a broadband?Try to remove ZA with the ZA removal tool, run this tool: re-download ZASS reinstall... lets see if there any damaged file that can't be removed by the normal procedure.Fax

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    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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