Back in December I was hit with the FileError_22001 virus that encrypts all your jpg, doc and txt files. None of the commercial virus programs could catch it(Trojan.Encoder.33), and it was downloaded via an IE7 exploit(That was quietly patched by Microsoft after) that many think was on Yahoo. Weeks later the virus programs can now catch it, but its too late now.

I have 14,000 files that were encrypted. The virus is gone, and I have a way now to decrypt these files(reg key), but Zonealarm has quarantined a few hundred of the encrypted files(I caught it before it did them all). I am now having a problem with the unquarantine command in the control panel, in that takes about 10 minutes each file, and if you try to run a large batch, Zonealarm will just hang. I have been doing about 20 at a time, but this has been going on for over a week now, and there are alot more files I need unquarantine before I can decrypt. So my question is if there is a manual way to unquarantine these files. I read somewhere that Zonearm just changes the extension on quarantined files to .za, but that must have been a prior version as I have no files on my computer that have that extension

Is there a specific quarantine folder they are being put in, and can I manually move these files out of quarantine.

I am running registered ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite v8



Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite