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Thread: Anti-Virus de-activated

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    zeldroc Guest

    Default Anti-Virus de-activated

    My zonealarm wont let me activate the anti-virus and says it may be due the updates being disabled or the system clock being different. I tryed a new install and it didnt work and i also upgrade my version but still no luck.

    I installed the program when i had the wrong date on (was set to 2017) so i updated it and now it wont work. Is there anyway i can make it so it does without hsvnig to set it back to 2017 please?


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    ctflyer Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus de-activated

    Zeldroc: I am just replying here since your message came up as the top in my search list for the exact same problem. I see not a person from Zonelabs has responded so here is my fix:

    Problem: "Anti-virus scanning is de-activated. This can occur if the system clock has been set forward or anti-virus updates are disabled" [text placed here for new searches to find]

    You dont have to reboot to fix this.

    If your Anti-Virus gets deactivated and cant be reactivated by an update, then try fixing it this way:

    Step 1: Set the system date forward. (I just went to the end of the current month. I would guess one day should do it)
    Step 2: Shutdown ZoneAlarm Security Suite. (Right click on the task bar icon in the taskbar notification area)
    Step 3: Restart ZoneAlarm Security. (from start menu)
    (You will probably notice that this is where the Anti-virus gets switched back on)
    Step 4: Set the system date back to the correct day.
    Step 5: Shutdown and Restart ZoneAlarm Security as in steps 2 & 3.

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    mwritchie Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus de-activated

    this did not work for me....still unable to turn on antivirus.....

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    cyberjunkie Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus de-activated


    I ran into the same problem today.

    Except, my SpywareDoctor's StartUp Guard detected some files related to ZA's "avlib.ppl" as malicious and deleted them.


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    j_technogeek Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus de-activated

    This worked for me!Thank you.

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    ctflyer Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus de-activated

    Glad it worked for you. From some posts it seems it doesn't work for all. I still get it happening and have not yet identified the cause.
    All the best

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