I really hope some one reads this .
I have a virus/trojan in my quarantine folder, Its been there three days now, and every time I submit to who ever. The response I get is, & "they don't have any matching records of this alert". The name of the infection is Trojan.Win32.BHO.lkl. I have submitted this every day since the scan . The path is C:\System Volume Information\_Restore... Any and all information would be greatly appreciated, especially what to do next.
My System is a Dell 4600 running Windows XP Sp2 ZASS 8.0.059
This computer is more that five yrs old I'm getting ready to do a quick restore to bring it back to its basic set up.any advice please tmskas

Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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