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Thread: Problem with ZA 8.0.059 and TurboCAD 15

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    Default Problem with ZA 8.0.059 and TurboCAD 15

    I am having problems with 'TurboCAD 15 Delux'

    with ZA 8.0.059
    []i also have the same probleem with Design CAD 2000 an older CAD package
    It can take up to 3.5 minutes [yes 3.5 minutes] for the pogrom to open the CAD drawing in either package
    When I disable the 'On access scan' in ZA antivirus, the problem disapears, and the programs load instantly
    i have also had the same long load time is Lotus 123 vesion 9, which
    is an old spreadsheet program, I got round this problem, by switching to MS Excel instead.
    TurboCAD 15 Delux

    is only 2 months old

    A couple of collegues also have TurboCAD 15 Delux

    with other antivirus packages [ie. Norton] and they do not have the problems
    I'm running XP SP3 and the computer is comply up to date, the same is true of ZA 8.0
    Any ideas and help / fix would be appreciated

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Problem with ZA 8.0.059 and TurboCAD 15

    Hi!updated to the latest ZA version and/or add the executable to the on-access exceptions.ZA antivirus/antispyware tab --> advanced options --> Virus Management --> Exceptions --> add fileCheers,Fax

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