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    Default Poor virus info

    It seems that every time I click "more info" in the virus quarintine section I get "no information found" even though ZA detected it. I never get a positive result on any virus. Google searches on the virus returns results.

    Even a search from the ZA home page returns no results. "Trojan-Clicker.HTML.IFrame.acy" is one example. Any thoughts?



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    Default Re: Visit Kaspersky for more general info

    Hi!ZA is dependent on Kaspersky (virus engine) on virus information.You find the central database page here:www.viruslist.comThere are hundredsofIFRAME variants and no description... I guess virus analysts have no time to fill-in the information. variant is described: in general:<A target=_blank name=clickers></A>Trojan Clickers

    This family of Trojans redirects victim machines to specified websites or other Internet resources. Clickers either send the necessary commands to the browser or replace system files where standard Internet urls are stored (e.g. the 'hosts' file in MS Windows).

    Clickers are used:<UL><LI>To raise the hit-count of a specific site for advertising purposes <LI>To organize a DoS attack on a specified server or site <LI>To lead the victim to an infected resource where the machine will be attacked by other malware (viruses or Trojans) </LI>[/list]Cheers,Fax

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