I have read the previous threads on this subject. The spyware scans do not pose this problem, only the anti-virus scans, which are impossible because the alert reappears continuously. My configuration
is: Windows 2000 Professional up to date, Zone Alarm Security Suite, True Vector, and Driver
versions all
Anti-virus engine version 3, Anti-Spyware engine version, AntiSpam version, no other antivirus programs, no other spyware programs after temporarily uninstalling LavaSoft AdAware Personal SE version 106 (didn't help). I select show all alerts, so I'll know that program(s) are not too often or even continuously being blocked.
I note general slow system performance, but no CPU-hog anomalies appear with Task Manager on.

I did the recommended reset and total clean uninstall and reinstall operations, and have not changed the auto-configuration that results, though I did initially upon reinstall select maximum security, program interaction control and advanced program control. (I note peculiarities in the auto-configuration: Four "triple-trusted" programs are denied all access to either Trusted or Internet zones: Windows Automatic Updates, Windows TaskManager, Windows NT Session Manager, and Client Services Runtime Processes.) Also, upon each boot-up, a "HIGH" alert appears, warning that Windows Management Instrumentation seeks to open vsmon.exe, which I generally deny. Checking the box to always deny does not work, so
I have also tried "accept"
for diagnostic purposes, to solve the anti-virus program alert problem.
Other measures taken to stop the anti-virus scan alerts include (offline) disabling advanced program control and application interaction control, placing all networks into the trusted zone, and even turning the firewall completely off in both program control and self-defense advisor! Even all that didn't work. Then in addition, I granted ZoneAlarm Client and True Vector Service total access and triple-trust. Even that didn't work.

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite