Today on March 17, 2009, sent the following to Tech Support via their special online form at
About 6 months ago, my Anti-Virus and Spyware definitions started to always update hourly, even when set I set them to update every 24 hours.
I have uninstalled ZASS and reinstalled a fresh clean installation (twice) with no change.

I really like ZASS and have used it for many years. I would like to keep using it and it would be a shame if this hourly update bug leads me to try another product when my ZASS 3-License Key expires in 78 Days.
I've see many others complaining of this same issue over the last 6 months in the ZA Support Forum and still no resolution has been reported (other than to report this to technical support).
Six months now without resolution?

Please advise .... Should I finally try Kaspersky Internet Security when my ZASS subscription expires in 78 days? I have a new unopened 3-License Retail Box of Kaspersky sitting next to my desk (from a Christmas present).
Thank you
I hope ZA can finally fix this bug within the next couple of months .... I really want to keep using ZASS, but the hourly AV/Spyware Updates are annoying.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite