I upgraded to Security Suite 80 298 recently hoping that it might stop the irritataing multiple red alerts that others on the forum have had. Every 3 weeks I did the Control Shift right click business to reset the program. I did this a few days ago as I was unable to activate the Virus checker (and read on the forum this was the treatment for a corrupted database). Instead of restarting immediately, I had another task to do and then just turned off the PC. Now ZASS doesn't start at all. There is no icon next to the clock and if I double click the desktop icon, the small icon appears next to the clock but disappears when the mouse is over it so I can't access it. There is no Zonealarm icon on the " All Programs" list either.

Drilling down into Program Files and clicking on Zonealarm.exe has the same effect as clicking the desktop shortcut icon. Should I uninstall (and if so do i use the zaunist.exe in Prgram Files) as I'd really like to never see those multiple red alerts again too which have been plagueing me for much of 2008. Previously I found ZA to be very stable and reliable.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite