Hello i recently wrote to u guys about my computer getting a trojan on it now i am getting that same one on my system info files of the computer but not only that i am getting a virus put on the .exe file of my pc tune up program that i paid for the virus is called Packed.Win32.Black.d and it is being put on Pc Tune-Up .exe file and when i go into see the advisory for it there is no advice on it everytime i re install pc tune up from largesoftware.com it appears as soon as it is installed i've been telling u guys for a while now thing just don't seem to be doing there job to well with all the stuff installed on my computer as of late its one thing or another that goes wrong with it all cos of viruses and stuff i have never had much problem with zonealarm in the past but this is becoming a joke i am just about ready to ask for a refund and go get a new anti virus that i CAN actually trust i am so sick of my computer being stuffed around with by viruses some1 plzzz help with my problems i need help BAD...................................... if u need some1 to check over my computer to see if the setting r ok or whatever it will take for these problems to stop because now every time i get a virus the program stops working cos of it i am really not happy about it all now..........

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite