This computer has no had no other security software than ZoneAlarm added - it was working fine last week after a reinstallation of the latest version of ZoneAlarm - it had to be reinstalled because TrueVector kept crashing when I accessed certain sites, being one of them.
It was a real pain, but was fine before the upgrade.
The system is a fully patched installation of Windows and the computer sits behind a hardware firewall as well as the ZoneAlarm firewall.
As I mentioned previously, the last time I encountered a similar problem with the AV/antispyware, we had to wait weeks for a ZA update and resorted to other software in the meantime.
As it stands, ZASS is unfit for purpose.
I haven't had a response from Tech Support yet.
The fact other users are having problems of a similar points to a ZoneAlarm problem.
If there's no response today, they will lose a customer - the only time this computer has a reduced level of protection is when ZoneAlarm is installing an upgrade.