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Thread: Checkpoint using scare tactics

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    zashocksters Guest

    Default Checkpoint using scare tactics

    I (and I'm sure others) got the following e-mail from Checkpoint. It looks like they're using the latest virus to drum up more business. They ought to know who already has their product and therefore is protected. I do not appreciate getting e-mails like this. The thing that won't copy in here is a banner saying "You might not be protected!" Well since I have a license for Zonealarm that just started and has almost a year left, I had **bleep**ed well better be protected. By them. And they should know that and refrain from sending e-mails to us.

    -- Conficker Worm Alert: Over 10 Million PCs Infected --
    The Conficker Worm is threatening widespread damage, starting April 1. Learn More

    Award Winning Antivirus - continually finds and removes viruses, even new viruses others miss
    Operating System Firewall (OSFIREWALL ) - protects your operating system down to its core
    Network and Program Firewall - delivers multiple layers of invisible protection
    Anti-Spyware - prevents and removes spyware
    Auto-Learn - hides unnecessary security alerts by learning the programs you use
    Wireless Protection - identifies new and unsecured networks and sets appropriate security
    Anti-Spam - filters out annoying and potentially dangerous spam

    Don't miss out on the amazing renewal offer, plus get the peace of mind knowing your PC is protected from the latest online attacks.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    youngjm Guest

    Default Re: Checkpoint using scare tactics

    Symantic is doing the same thing.

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: Checkpoint using scare tactics

    Every Client that Installs ZoneAlarm Security Software has the Option to Opt-Out of Receiving Emails from
    Check Points ZoneAlarm During the Installation of the Product.....
    At some point during the Installation the Client is Presented with an Dialog Page to Setup the Program for
    Automatic Updating of Antivirus/Spyware Definitions, Product Updates and Registration of the Software.
    At this Dialog Page the Client Enters their Email Address and has Two Options to Enable or Disable,
    and those Two Options are:
    (1) I would like to register ZoneAlarm so that I can receive updates
    (mandatory to receive antivirus/spyware, product updates, and registration)
    (2) I would like to receive Emails from ZoneAlarm about product updates and news
    (not mandatory - only optional)
    When Installing Any Software, Always Read What is Presented on the Screen

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