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Thread: Can't turn on Anti Virus

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    lahmusic Guest

    Default Re: Can't turn on Anti Virus

    At least the last person got an acknowledge from Tech Support.
    I never did to my request last week.
    I am running the free AVG anti virus software on my VIsta PC (XP not affected) until either ZA fixed the problem or I buy another security
    Does anybody know if any ZA tech support people look at these issues?

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    thekabuki Guest

    Default Re: Can't turn on Anti Virus

    I also just received an form email telling me that they received my support issue, but no response as of yet.

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    pnurman Guest

    Default Re: Can't turn on Anti Virus

    I have had similar issuesince the last renewal and update (I have the UI issue on one of my computer and not the other. Also I am able to update the Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware on one computer but not the other)one of my computers I get an error that says, "Anti-Virus: Unable to connect" and "Anti-spyware HTTP response code said error ('"

    Has anybody else encountered this issue?


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    thekabuki Guest

    Default Did uninstall/reinstall & working good

    I was able to follow Guru Fax's advice that was posted on the thread titled "UI is initializing " and able to get everything up and working fine. Followed his directions to a "T" on how to do a complete uninstall/reinstall. Thread is read only now, but just wanted to say thanks to Guru:Fax

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    Nov 2004

    Default Re: Did uninstall/reinstall & working good

    You're welcome!Cheers,Fax

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    garywteal Guest

    Default Re: Can't turn on Anti Virus

    This is an update to my previous posting regarding xxx.035 not activating the antivirus. I went to safe mode and uninstalled za with clean and rmlicense. I also had to manually remove a lot of the check point folders. After doing that and also removing SpyBot Search and Destroy, I reinstalled ZA and it now works well. Except it still uses too much memory. I have use Intel's i7 and ZA uses all 8 cpu's at over 120,000K memory each. I have read that it is only supposed to use 600k each, but others are having the same problem of using the 120000k. As time goes on ZA uses more and more, but it is at least working now. I wish they would fix the memory usage problem though.

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