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Thread: Asterisk Logger and Dialupass, malware or spyware?

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    Default Asterisk Logger and Dialupass, malware or spyware?

    Hi, I downloaded a couple of portable applications named Asterisk Logger and Dialupass because I always misplace my passwords and they help me to recover them. Now, ZA immediately jumped in after I unzipped them in my PC with a virus warning. I chose the option to ignore the warning because I haven't find any indication on the web that they are actually malicious virus or spyware. Anyone knows any facts that indicates these programs are actually harmful?

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    Default Re: Asterisk Logger and Dialupass, malware or spyware?

    Hi!I don't know how you searched but you will find several links searching for 'adware', for example, Here: Asterisk Logger, here: time please specify the detection. The detection name will also help you to determine the risk related to the files.These are low risk (e.g. 'not-a-virus'), the former targeting you with ad-hoc adware the latter showing passwords usually hidden.Cheers,Fax

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