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Thread: AntiVirus download window closes before download complete...

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    johnherring Guest

    Default AntiVirus download window closes before download complete...

    AntiVirus download window closes before download complete. Let me give details.

    My setup: Zone Alarm firewall and AV and SpyWare are always on. At least once a week I get updates and then scan my entire system for both AV and SW. I presently have:

    ZA version (latest)

    AV 915051681

    SW 01.200905.5915 (latest last week)



    No competing programs running.

    XP SP3 totally up to date.

    Problem: I start update, "checking for AV update", "downloading AV update", lots of bytes coming through the modem. The progress bar sets up for about 3 hours. At about the midpoint, the download window just closes, and that is it.
    Download not completed.

    Please note, there are several things it is NOT: It is NOT a closing of the internet connection. The connection remains open and usable. It is the download window that closes, without my intervention.

    It is NOT conflict with some
    new program. ZA AV update has been working since the last new program was installed.

    It is NOT conflict with update of XP. The AV update still worked after the last XP update.

    About two years ago something similar happened. Just once. The next day I tried it again, and it worked
    then, and ever since, up to now.

    This time, it has happened three times, twice when the download was the only thing running on the computer, and once when I was reading content on another web site at the same time. Each time it closed after about 11/2 hours. The third time, I was looking at the monitor when it happened: 1 hour 32 minutes.

    Things I tried:

    Reset ZA, following the instructions given someone else on this user site. Still not work.

    Reupgraded ZA from the disk. Still not work.

    What to do?

    Is it reasonable that an AV update would take three hours? It usually takes maybe ten or twenty minutes.

    I am suspecting that the download site has a time limit. If so, I will never be able to download from there. How can I get up to date on updates?

    Thank you for your help. I will report the success of what you tell me to do.

    John Herring

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    caulbox Guest

    Default Re: AntiVirus download window closes before download complete...

    think your suspicion about a time-limit is well-founded! I've become very familiar with this extremely
    annoying and
    'discourteous' problem (for dial-up users)....
    but there is a way around it!
    The good news is that it
    should only effect you when you first (successfully) update virus definitions after a fresh install of Zone Alarm. If your experience is anything like mine, there's a distinct three-stage process, which you have to adhere to when you first update virus definitions:
    Firstly, after about exactly an hour and a half (that's why I agree with your time-limit suspicion) the progress box will most likely just disappear, and (depending on whether it's your 'first' update) Zone Alarm may or may not recommend that you do a system virus scan. If you get the message, then decline. STAY ONLINE
    instead, and set about updating virus definitions for a second time!
    This time the progress bar may fluctuate a little (towards the end as I recall) whereby it suddenly shows less progress made, but carries on downloading without any problems. Then Surprise! Surprise! after exactly an hour and a half again, the updating box will simply vanish yet again, and the updating will stop, in a very unfriendly way without any messages or dialogue whatsoever!
    Panic not! You're nearly there! STAY ONLINE
    and set about downloading virus definition updates yet again (for a third time). This time the update should complete satisfactorily, and you'll get a message from Zone Alarm to that effect. It used to take about 10 mins for this third stage of updating to complete, but I think it's now become more like half an hour with a 56 kbps modem (presumably because more definitions have been added).
    you've completed
    the above three-stage process just once, any future definition updating should be behaving as normal again, taking only a few minutes. I state all this with confidence, as I've learnt from (much) bitter experience, and it's now become second nature for me.
    But why the heck doesn't Zone Alarm comment or advise about this vey unfriendly - certainly non-intuitive -
    ordeal for
    dial-up users? The problem has pertained for
    many months, if not years!
    But Zone Alarm
    without a care -
    whilst you're without protection!

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    johnherring Guest

    Default Re: AntiVirus download window closes before download complete...

    It worked.
    If anybody reading this has the same problem, the procedure should work for you too.
    You must follow the instructions carefully.
    If you do it differently, it may not work.
    Thank you for helping me.
    Thank you for taking the time to find my message describing my problem, and for writing such clear detailed instructions.
    You even inspired my confidence that it would work so that I proceeded without worry.
    There was one small difference from what you instructed.
    My update completed within the second pass.
    Not complaining.
    Perhaps my internet connection was faster.
    Nonetheless, hogging the phone line for that long was not pleasing to people who were trying to call me!
    I was especially upset because I had ordered a disk with the upgrade.
    I though the disk would have everything on it up to date, but not so.

    I have copied your instructions.
    If I find someone with the same problem and you have not already responded to them, I will send your instructions.
    They are clearly written, and I want to give credit to you.
    I would just add my word that
    your instructions

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    caulbox Guest

    Default Re: AntiVirus download window closes before download complete...

    Glad it worked, John! Thanks also for informing me - In spite of my optimism, I obviously couldn't be 100% certain that my own well-trodden paths would lead to the same consistently happy endings for everyone.
    Only needing two passes to successfully complete the update,
    could indeed be just down
    to faster connection speeds. Although there is another possibility: As I'm very familiar
    with this process now, whenever I re-install Zone Alarm, I always successfully complete my initial virus definition update in this painstaking way, on first attempt. Pure speculation, but the possibility remains that in your earlier unsuccessful attempts to complete a first update, some necessary initial virus definition data was successfully downloaded nonetheless, so that any further update requests were able to commence from that point (this might also be in keeping with why - following a clean installation -
    still recommends doing a system scan - although
    initial definitions update gets curtailed
    prematurely and predictably after exactly 90 mins progress)

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