I have, and have reported, the same problem: With any Zone Alarm Security Suite full-system antivirus scan, countless red alerts appear, and the scan stops unless and until each is individually "allowed". Recommended "Reset" operations and program re-installation did not solve the problem. (The reset and re-install did solve some other irriatating minor bugs, however. (ZoneAlarm I installed before the initial system Internet updates, of which there were many. So, a reset and re-install after that many system changes was a good idea anyway.)
However, I have found at least a partial solution. Firsrt, disable
scheduled scans.
In Windows Explorer, right clicking on any folder brings up a context menu that includes "Scan with Zone Alarm Anti-Virus".
Use it,
on each top-level folder. One
alert may still appear per folder scanned, but no more. For a complete scan, each root file must be scanned individually. To expedite the process, it's possible to temporarily combine
user defined folders to minimize the number of top-level folders that have to be scanned. (Don't try this with system folders!) And be sure to "undo" the combined folders when done. Since the scan takes a long time,
very frequent scans for the email folder - where many viruses are found - are a good idea, and less frequent full system scans
if this method is necessary.
Note: I am using Windows 2000 Pro, ZoneAlarm version 7.0.483 (the final version for this
OS). However, this same problem has been reported by users of Windows XP.