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2) What are ICMP, DHCP or DNS alerts?
These are usually alerts that ZA is blocking some of your ISP's servers. You should contact your ISP to find out how they handle ICMP, DHCP and DNS - some will be an IP address, others may be by site (e.g. ns1.attbi.com). Add these to your Trusted Zone, and make sure that it is set to Medium or lower. If you add by site name, you MUST be connected when adding it so that ZA can determine the proper IP addresses to add.
3) What are VSDATA files? These are the actual firewall driver files (can be VSDATA95 or VSDATANT or both). If an uninstall or upgrade fails, in some cases it may leave registry entries or files, which can block Internet access, or generate error messages at startup. In these cases you will need to reboot into Safe Mode to remove the file. On Windows 98/Me, the startup warning can be ignored by hitting the ENTER key. If you reinstall ZA, the warning will disappear. If you don't plan to reinstall ZA, you will need to make a note of the exact registry key listed, and remove that key.
4) Why am I getting an error in WSOCK32, or ZA crashes on shutdown? Sometimes, another program may install its own version of the Winsock file. However, ZA products are designed to be used only with the Winsock file that ships with all current Windows versions. Try searching your entire system for the file name WSOCK32.DLL. If you find multiple copies, right-click on each filename, select Properties, then Version. The official version should be found in your SYSTEM or SYSTEM32 folder. Try renaming the unofficial versions found elsewhere to WSOCK32.OLD (don't delete them until you are certain that all of your programs work properly!).

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