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    knewhous Guest


    Can some point me to the fix for the error cause by VSDATANT.SYS. I am a free user running XO.I would appreciate help from anyone, please.Kind regards,Keith.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (free)
    Software Version:5.5

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    Default Re: VSDATANT.SYS FIX

    What type of error are you recieving with the VSDATANT.SYS?

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    knewhous Guest

    Default Re: VSDATANT.SYS FIX

    Thanks for your responseBC Code: d1 BCP1: 00000000 BCP2: 000000002 BCP3: 00000000BCP4: 00000000 OSVe:5_1_2600 SP: 2_0 Product 768_1Followed by a Message fro Microsoft telling me to go to KoneLabs website to find the fix.Regards,Keith

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    Default Re: VSDATANT.SYS FIX

    Have you tried uninstalling ZA and reinstalling it 2 see if the error disappears?By the way what is actually happening with Vsdatant is it crashing ?

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    knewhous Guest

    Default Re: VSDATANT.SYS FIX

    The first time I had a blue screen telling me there was an important error and to power off immediately. It gave me the code as per my ealier post.The second time I received a pop up message saying it was a VSDATANT.SYS problem and if I clicked onto the line to Zone Labs I would find the fix.I clicked but have nor found the fix other that what you have just suggested.Regards,Keith.

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    Default Re: VSDATANT.SYS FIX

    Try uninstalling ZoneAlarm and then following these Manual Uninstall Direction'sand deleting all instances of ZA,then perform a reinstall and see if you still get the error.Might just be the Vsdatant driver has become corrupted.

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    ovni Guest

    Default Re: VSDATANT.SYS FIX

    If your problem occurs during boot, I found that ZoneAlarm would not crash if I started it manually. I'm using XP SP2. That led me to try changing the startup order and/or timing of the startup applications. I found Startup Delayer, free here: set a 45 second delay for ZoneAlarm. I left all other apps alone although you're free to work with them too.My computerhasn't crashed since. Of course, your mileage may vary.

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    kenwitkin Guest

    Default Re: VSDATANT.SYS FIX

    Here's the answer to everyone problem with the VSDATANT.SYS File.I booted up my computer using the Windows 98 Emergency Boot Disk and deleted the VSDATANT.SYS File in MS DOS. It is in the C:\windows\System 32 Directory.The I rebooted my computer and saw that Zone Alarm was disabled on the Notification Section of the Taskbar. I then installed the ZA update and it installed without any problem.Hope this works for everyone out there.

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