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Thread: Blue screen as well.

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    tapion Guest

    Default Blue screen as well.

    After installing Zonealarm Internet security suite, my computer restarts itself, when i want to shut down. Any help please?

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Blue screen as well.

    See if this will work for you. Go into the start menu and the zonelabs entry and right click on the uninstaller and select properties. Now in the target box you must add a space and then /clean to the end so that it looks something like this "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninst.exe" /clean click apply and then OK. Next open ZA and turn off the load on boot option, then reboot and then run the uninstaller.This should get rid of all of ZoneAlarm. Now go to your windows temp folder and delete everything. Find the folder named Internet logs and delete it then empty your recycle bin.

    Now download a fresh copy of Zone Alarm, save it to your computer, then boot into the safe mode, and now run the installer from there.

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    tapion Guest

    Default Re: Blue screen as well.

    Am currently running 2 peces of anti virus software. ZA and AVG. Do you think this is causing the blue screen on shut down?

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    billc Guest

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    It certainly could be the source of your blue screens. You should be using only one AV program at a time. Try disabling one of the two you have. With respect to firewalls and anti virus programs, more is not better.

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    ducky_d Guest

    Default Re: Blue screen as well.

    Hello. I
    ve the same problem but not since ever, time ago it works ok. One dayI wanted to update ZA firewall and the problem began, whatever version I install in any moment, the PC restarts, previous the blue screen appears. Uninstall ZA and the problem is over. I have Win XP-Professional Ed.-SP2. I
    m from Argentina, so if the answer is in Spanish, better. Thanks, a lot.

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    gerard_konijn Guest

    Default Re: Blue screen as well.

    Use this info to report it: regards/Vriendelijke groeten. Gerard Konijn. Tilburg. The Netherlands

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    ducky_d Guest

    Default Re: Blue screen as well.

    Thank you, very much. I'll do that."Saludos & Muchas Gracias" (from Argentina).Daniel

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