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Thread: "Your Zone Alarm Pro Subscription Has Expired"

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    alphaa Guest

    Default "Your Zone Alarm Pro Subscription Has Expired"

    Hours after my Zone Alarm Pro support subscription expired, a red flag appeared on my screen
    with every boot-- "Your Zone Alarm Pro Subscription Has Expired". Actually, this is not news
    to me, since I have decided not to pay any more for Zone Labs' promises of support. After
    having asked by email for assistance through the past year for problems ranging from failure
    to block popups to the failure of the log to archive properly, I have gotten no help
    whatsoever. The Zone Alarm Pro malfunctions still exist. The response I did obtain during the
    past year from Zone Labs-- during which this company was bought out by Check Point-- was only
    a pathetic caricature of a response. My emails were simply acknowledged and assigned a number.

    But the Zone Labs notice refuses to die gracefully. For all my money and trust in purchasing
    Zone Alarm Pro one year ago, this notice is a most ungracious way for Zone Labs to say, "Thanks
    and hope to see you again!" There is no option for removal of the notice-- only two buttons.
    One for "Renew", the other for "Remind me later." Is this Zone Labs way of thanking me for
    trusting their product on my system? Though I can remove this message by "force" if I must, I
    prefer at this point to see whether Zone Labs has a remedy for at least one of the problems it

    Since I am a prolific writer to the various PC user magazines, there will be generous followup
    attention to this situation, whatever happens. I join many other users who are not pleased with
    the sorry performance of Zone Labs after it began to coast on the comfortable reputation of
    Zone Alarm so many years ago. Zone Labs, I assure you, is not the same company which created
    the original Zone Alarm-- too many good people have left Zone Labs to a caretaker management
    interested only in its bottom line. That is the kiss of death to a customer base, as word

    Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: "Your Zone Alarm Pro Subscription Has Expired"

    That notice will eventually go away after about 10 days. I don't know of any means to eliminate it prior to then. Both now and afterwards, your ZAP firewall will be fully functional. This will come at no surprise, but you're not the first user that has been annoyed by the reminder.

    And just so you'll know, this is a user forum and is not routinely monitored by Zone Labs. The Forum-Administrator is the only one here associated with Zone Labs, the rest of u are volunteer/users like you.

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    tjmachineman Guest

    Default Re: "Your Zone Alarm Pro Subscription Has Expired"

    Ha! I'm done with Zone Alarm as well!! WHY?1.You can't put a block all rule in the Firewall & select a program as the source, so you have to go into all of the 1000 programs you have installed and put the allow rules in and then put in a block all at the end of each, causing a massive amount of redundant allow rules you have to put in each Program Rule. (DNS, local host, etc....) (Even if you use a group rule you still have to put it in each program rule)2. After setting up all firewall & program allow & blockrules you can't "block everything else" at the very end. (to stop unwanted traffic from NEW viruses, browser helper objects, spyware, etc.. that my other spyware & virus programs miss) If they would just read the program rules first & then the firewall rules there wouldn't be an issue, as you could put a block all at the very end of the firewall rules. Example, if I specifically allow a program (using a program rule) only to access a specific port to a specific IP, and then use a block all rule for that program what potential security issue would there be by then processing the firewall rules (with a block all at the end)??? NONE 3. I received this lame message from ZA tech support regarding email imbedded images after not getting an answer in this forum., I decided not to renew my subscription, AND JUST TO MAKE SURE I NEVER RENEW OR BUY ZONE ALARM AGAIN I'M NOW GETTING ALL THE NAG SCREENS !!! What really gets me is that Zone Alarm Pro won't even start until you answer the question!!!!! I'm sure they do that so I can't do a registery tweak, disable services, or disable startup programs to stop the NAG!I won't uninstall it right now, but darn sure I'll try a different firewall program next time I spend MONEY! Why is it so many companies these days go to such a great effort to lose their existing paying customers & then turn around and spend zillions of dollars on advertising? (increasing the price to us)Anyone out there know of a tweak to stop the NAG screens???

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: "Your Zone Alarm Pro Subscription Has Expired"

    It looks as though you are not interested, but anyway:

    You can make Zonealarm totally default-deny for new programs if you want. Program Control --> Main --> Advanced. You will see the default action for new programs is set to "Ask" for all 4 types of access. Set them all to deny. Now if a new program appears in the list, it will have 4 Xs in program control.

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