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    i need help with the infernal "Windows Security Centre",it keeps on telling me i have no firewall installed & Anti-Virus installedB-)i dont understand this as i have both firewall & anti-virus progs running & fully upto date,this all started after i did a rollback,due to a prog not working(when i clicked on the program all it did was flicker & nowt else),so i did a can i stop this message or how do i disable the alert system,as i can see both zone alarm pro & avg @ the clock on taskbar.i'm running: WinXP homeAVG7 ProZoneAlarmProMSI 64-Bit motherboard3000 64-Bit chip2Gb pc3200onboard soundATI 256Mb ? something

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    As far as ZA is concerned, you could try the following to get security center to recognise ZA, which it ought to(preferably off line)In ZA, make sure that in Firewall main tab, advanced, disable Windows firewall is checked.Then shut down ZA (right click on tray icon, click shutdown ZoneZlarm.In security center, switch on Windows firewall. Security center should show that Windows firewall is on (click chevron next to firewall to read the message). Restart ZA from start, programs. Check in security center whether it recognises that ZA has come on (ZA will have switched off the Windows firewall when you restart it).If that does not work, but you are happy not to have security center alert you, in security center, on the left click change the cway secdurity center alerts me, then uncheck the box for firewall alert.I don't use AVG, so don't know whether security center can recognise it. If not, in security center, click on I have AV and will monitor it myself (not sure of the precise wording, as that option only appears if it does not think you have an AV, and mine does). Or uncheck the AV alert box as for firewall.

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    jamie2939 Guest

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    thx for the reply,i'm going to try it now.

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    tek Guest

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    I had this exact problem, started happening last night. But I've found solution!

    I had installed VDMSound, as I wanted to play some old DOS games. Installing it modified the PATH variable - I'm not sure, but it had gotten too long, so the system couldn't use the PATH variable. To test this, try this:

    1) Go to Start, Run - type cmd
    2) At the prompt, type ipconfig /all - if it runs successfully, it'll return details on your network interfaces. If it doesn't run, it'll inform you 'ipconfig cannot be found' - if this happens, it's your PATH variable thats the problem.

    The solution to this can be found at:
    "Application Has Failed to Start Because Framedyn.dll Was Not Found" Error Message When You Open the System Properties Dialog Box;en-us;319114

    This might seem unrelated, but its because WMI, which controls the Security Centre, cannot find framedyn.dll and therefore cannot run properly - this then causes Security Centre to fail to detect ZoneAlarm & AVG.


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