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Thread: Google desktopindex.exe is trying....

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    bjprice Guest

    Default Google desktopindex.exe is trying....

    ZA Pro 6.5.722.00 Windows XP SP2
    Google Desktop 4.2006.325.1032-en

    Every time I start this PC I get a ZA Security Alert saying
    "Google DesktopIndex.exe is trying to access the Internet"

    and every time I click Allow and Remember.
    Why doesn't ZA remember? "Remember" works on every other program
    that accesses the Internet.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Google desktopindex.exe is trying....

    If it is just this one application, probably your SmartDefense Advisor is the culprit. If you set SmartDefense Advisor to Auto and there is no advice available for a program,Zone Labs security software displays a Program alert prompting you to allow or deny access to the program. If you select Remember this setting when responding to such a Program alert, Zone Labs security software keeps your setting unless SmartDefense Advisor comes out with a different setting, or until you change the setting manually in the Programs tab.

    Auto * SmartDefense Advisor determines the program policy, unless a recommendation is not available. (Note that, if SmartDefense Advisor is turned on, and you select Remember this setting when responding to a Program alert, the SmartDefense Advisor column will still say Auto, since the permissions will still change to conform to any SmartDefense Advisor recommendations that come out later.)

    Version 6.1 and earlier used to set SmartDefense to Custom for a program as soon as you did an Allow and Remember or Deny and Remember, which would stop SmartDefense changing that setting. This version thinks it knows better, so you might have to go into Program Control and manually set the program's options.

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    meconfused Guest

    Default Re: Google desktopindex.exe is trying....


    That answers one of my questions.


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    bjprice Guest

    Default Re: Google desktopindex.exe is trying....

    Bill Thanks so much for your clear response to my question. Sorry it's taken so long
    to get back to you - I've been on vacation w/o a computer in sight.

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