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Thread: AOL Mouse/Keylogging ???

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    steadfast Guest

    Default AOL Mouse/Keylogging ???

    ?? AOL Logging Mouse & Keystrokes ??

    From: steadfast (James)

    I believe the following transcript of my attempt to source an explanation from AOL, is self-explanatory - It is one of a number of attempts to get a rational explanation from AOL...

    AOL Live On-line Help ============================== 15/11/05

    Ramanaror01: Welcome to AOL MemberHelp Interactive. Please present your question, and I will be with you in just a moment:

    steadfast: Three days ago I upgraded ZoneAlarm Home edition to ZoneAlarm Pro - the next morning ZA immediat

    Ramanaror01: I apologise for the inconvenience you have experienced. I will do my best to resolve the situation for you.

    Ramanaror01: May i know the issue you are facing with AOL?

    steadfast: ...the next morning I opened up AOL and immediately received this Red Security Alert from Zone Alarm...



    (Smart Defense Advisor is not available for this Alarm Type)

    (Action) DENY App: Click this setting to DENY all dangerous behaviour exhibited by this AOL application....

    steadfast: Please advise me who to CONTACT at AOL/UK, SENIOR LEVEL, to get a rational explanation of this
    MOUSE/KEYLOGGING report from Zone Alarm Professional ????

    ( long pause of 10 minutes... NO further reaction from AOL Interactive Help ! )
    ================================================== ========

    At this point, the AOL Interactive Help Line closes and reverts back to the opening page !!!!

    Today,17th; received the standard email from AOL - "we note that you recently used our interactive helpline -
    AOL appreciates feedback on the service, we would appreciate your comments, etc."

    Has anyone similar experience or knowledge of AOL Keystroking, etc??
    I note on Google that there are a number of hostile references to * waol.exe * and advise its removal...


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: AOL Mouse/Key logging ???

    Steadfast, do not panic,the AOL alert is part of ZoneALarms new OS Firewall,most if not all programs actually monitor the keyboard and mouse or else the keyboard and mouse would not work with the application,the alert is not really dangerous behavior,but other programs actually do monitor both these devices for nefarious behavior.AOL just monitors the keyboard and mouse so it see's were you click and what you type while surfing, so this is actually normal behavior.ZoneLabs is still fine tunning their most recent version,and most likely their database on dangerous behaving applications will increase as time goes on.Do not panic this is all normal and has been discussed within this forum,do a search and you will see many everyday applications getting this alert.

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    steadfast Guest

    Default Re: AOL Mouse/Key logging ???

    *FlyYourWay* Quote > Steadfast, do not panic,the AOL alert is part of ZoneALarms new OS Firewall....... < Quote*FYW*, my apologies for not replying sooner to your comprehensive reply. Thank you,it was the only answer that accurately described the problem - I have now noticed similar messages appearing when a new program tries to access the system.No answer received yet to four messagesto Aol, other than AOL followup requesting comment onquality of their technical help !!!Thanks againJames (Steadfast)

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