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Thread: LSA Shell (Export Version) question

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    brasidas Guest

    Default Re: LSA Shell *The Mystery is solved!*

    I agree, but at least we know it's not a virus or anything we're doing wrong. Apparently, ZA wants you to know when the OS firewall is doing something, but for those of us who reboot now and then and don't want to wait to have to click "allow", it's easier to just disable it.

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    superyeti Guest

    Default Re: LSA Shell *The Mystery is solved!*

    It's great to hear this solution come directly from the folks at ZA. While it may stop the LSA alerts from popping up, I'd like know what are consequences of un-checking the OSFirewall checkbox.

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    brasidas Guest

    Default Re: LSA Shell *The Mystery is solved!*

    Actually, I'd like to know too. The ZA tech support answer didn't say anything about it, or why you'd want it.

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    caign Guest

    Default It's a bug, here is the workaround

    I got the same problem when I upgraded to 6.1.737. Not fixed by clean install. Only fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling.

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    tonyarm Guest

    Default Re: LSA Shell (Export Version) question

    The LSass.exe and LSA Shell alerts are one and the same. Zone Labshas been very silent on this one. Why?Two major Upgrades to ZAP and two major headaches for the purchasers. ZAP has to do a better job on Betas, I assume they do Betas.I have sold many copies of ZA and ZAP due to my recommendations, but I am very close to a total reversal.Soon ZAP will be no better than Microsoft but without thei Billions.ZAP has cost many of its clients VERY many hours.PS: The only real cure for theLSA shell and ISASS alertproblem is a complete uninstall and a new install.Zone Labs, get your act together!

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    tonyarm Guest

    Default Re: LSA Shell (Export Version) question

    After having many problems with the last two updates and not finding any good answers from TechService, I started reading all related problems on the Forum, many, many, many of them. I have read the Moderator and the "Guru's. Hours and hours of wasted time on ZA web site.My conclusions:Moderaotor is arrogant in some replies. He also does not know that thereare very significant problems at least with ZAP. Mostof his responses do notwork and heblames the customer's computers.I cannot believe that ZA does not know of the problems because we do not follow proper channels, another arrogant reply. ZAP is going down hill fast. It is time to start writing to ALL Computer Magazines and view our experiences with V. 6 xxxx especially since most recommend ZAP as I have in the past.I would have to conclude that ZA really does not care or is taking all the profits with not enough Techs left to fix the updates.The Guru's do their best to help but I really think that they do not have a clue or depthof the real problems.I have used ZA and susequently ZAP since its inception but I won't be for much longer if these problems persist.I started with computers, 2 decades ago and built my own for many years. I am far from and expert, but I do know something smells at ZoneLabs.When people read this, some will think I am being harsh; rather I hope it is taken as being constructive.

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